New Frontier Same Legacy

Written by Clint Wilkinson

For those of you who've been following my work since 2012, there have been many twists and turns down my path. From a small production brand to a fine goods artisan, there have been a number of experiences that have shaped my business into what it's become. The work that I've done the last 2 years has been a wonderful exploration deep into the finest leather working techniques I have ever attempted. Some of the projects have gained recognition through magazine covers/articles, national newspaper coverage, films, and even museums. All of these things I'm grateful for, truly, I am so thankful that fine work is getting recognition because the artisans who create it deserve it. Especially in a day and age where goods are made to be disposed or not expertly crafted.

Over the past year my work has shifted from made-to-order into exclusively custom, not on purpose – it just happened organically. The wait times on my work grew from a couple months to one year or longer. To which some people would be pleased with however, I do have a studio that is open to the public located on one of the best streets in Downtown Denton Texas. Customers would stop by to browse over my work but, would be surprised when there was nothing to see. Since I'm a custom artisan it leaves no time for product displays or ready-made goods. So the curious patrons would essentially walk into an empty studio left with only their imagination. This is something that I have been wanting to change for quite some time, and now we are doing it.

In effort to have Clint Wilkinson ready-made leather goods available I will be taking on very limited custom work in the future and my custom books are currently closed until further notice. We're also going to support other fine goods artisans who want a place to sell their ready-made work. In the spirit of keeping my Grandfather's legacy of leather work alive, my mother Kippie Wilkinson and I have decided to keep his retail legacy alive as well. We are transitioning the front portion of my studio into a fine goods retail store. I will continue to produce all of my leather work inside the store just as my Grandfather did for 60 years. We have been in contact with some outstanding Texas artisans that have all been very receptive. Those names include Jason Scull (Sculptor/CAA Member), Travis Stillson (Silver), Troy West (Silver/ TCAA Member), Mike Capron (Artist), Montana Watch Company, Modern Hunstman, Boyd's of Texas, and many more.

Follow along as we make this transition into a small Texas destination of unique fine goods. Thank you for supporting my work and our ambition to keep my Grandfathers legacy alive.

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