Clint Wilkinson

Western Handtooled Apple Watch Strap | Dark Brown

Strap Length:
Buckle/Connector Finish:
Apple Watch Size:

Fits Apple Watch Series 1 - 4
Allow 3 Weeks Production Time

You can now add a piece of classy western art to your Apple Watch. Clint Wilkinson takes pride in every detail of his work, including the intricacies of watch strap making. Let's walk through the process of making these straps.

Using a pencil the design is drawn on the very best vegetable tanned natural tooling leather, the same leather saddles are made from. The design is then carved and stamped in the leather using a variety of hand tools. Color is put into the leather by using a mixture of oils and dyes. From there the layers of leather are glued together then hand sewn to further the straps life and give it a beautiful aesthetic. The final stage is finishing the edges with a nice coat of wax that will be polished to a shine.


Take a measuring tape to find your wrist circumference where you would normally wear your watch. Check out the guide below to determine the right strap size.

Strap length, for example, is described as 125mm / 85mm, meaning the large number represents the tail side with holes, and the small number represents the buckle side. If you measure your current watch strap in inches, you can easily convert inches to mm with a simple Google search.

If you're still unsure about sizing please email us through our Contact Page

Wrist Size = Strap Length

6.0” - 6.5” = 115mm / 75mm

6.5” - 7.5” = 125mm / 85mm

7.5” - And Above” = 135mm / 95mm

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