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Pre-Order | Wilkinson x Ciano Farmer Limited Edition Boot

CHF 339.00


  • This is a 50% non refundable deposit plus tax if applicable
  • You'll pay shipping cost in your preorder deposit but not in remaining balance invoice
  • We will submit orders 6/1/24
  • When your boots are ready to ship we will send you a remaining balance invoice, once paid we will ship your boots
  • When we hit 10 pair we will close orders
  • Please allow 3 months for your boots to be handmade

A Message From Clint Wilkinson

For those who don't know Ciano Farmer here's a quick introduction. He's a legendary denim/work wear maker that was once the fashion director for PUMA in the 90's. His brand Ciano Farmer Denim Company is located here in Denton, Texas. His outerwear and denim jeans are hard to come by because he only uses vintage sewing machines which makes the process take much longer than modern jean makers today. This makes his collection very sought after and highly collectible.

When collaborating on this boot we both agreed there had to be denim somewhere on it. So we found a great vintage top pattern that Fenoglio offered and inlaid gray selvedge denim in the top. After visiting  with the Fenoglio factory they suggested Ciano make the boot pulls out of the same gray selvedge denim as well. Truly a special one-of-a-kind boot that you wont see anywhere else in world, and better yet, completely handmade in Texas!

Clint Wilkinson.

All order will receive a handmade gray selvedge denim hat by Ciano Farmer Denim Company.

Boot Details

  • Gray Caiman Vamp
  • Olive Arizona Top with Gray Selvedge Denim Inlay
  • 12in Top
  • 17 Toe
  • D Heel
  • Leather Sole
  • Handmade in Nocona, Texas

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