Ciano Farmer

15oz USA Vintage 1960's Broken Twill Selvedge Denim


Attention: These are ready to ship however, we will need to hem them to length of your choice. Please allow 2-3 days to hem then we will ship.

Message from Ciano

"This 1960's selvage denim Broken Twill was pulled from an abandon factory in Oklahoma that made workwear and military uniforms. These jeans are made from the fabric after 60 years sitting on the factory floor. I made these with a half selvage like Lee® did on the 1950's since one side of the fabric was damaged. And I used a 2/3oz Texas Veg tan leather for the waistband patch [thiner]. I even use the left over vintage thread that was left in the factory to sewn this denim lot..."

This denim does have small imperfections thru the denim. I personally think it is awesome because this make each pair unique." - Ciano Farmer

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