Fenoglio Boot Co.

Black Victoria Roughout Boot



  • Vamp: Black Victoria Roughout
  • Top: Black Smooth Cowhide
  • Toe: 0 / Cutter
  • Heel: C
  • Sole: Ranch Tough

About Fenoglio Boot Company

Nocona, in the North Texas Hill Country, has a rich deep history based in the cowboy's life from the infamous Chisholm Trail, to the boot companies like Justin and Nocona. To meet the needs of the cowboys driving cattle along The Chisholm Trail, H.J. "Daddy Joe" Justin moved to the banks of the Red River where he founded Justin Boots. Following Daddy Joe's death, the Justin brothers moved the business to The Fort Worth Stockyards. His Daughter, Enid Justin "Miss Enid" stayed in Nocona and founded Nocona Boot Company, in direct competition with her brothers, in efforts to follow her father's wishes and support the small town that had supported her family for so long. Under Miss Enid's direction Nocona Boots became an infamous and respected boot brand in the great state of Texas. In 1990, with the death of Miss Enid, the Justin brothers acquired the Nocona brand. The town facing hard times but with talented specific personnel, the Fenoglio family stepped up.

The Fenoglio family, who settled in Nocona in 1886, picked up the reins and charted a new course in boot making. Holding onto Miss Enid's business model, with modern updates, the Fenoglio Boot Company was founded. Today the Fenoglio Boot Company utilizes the specialized personnel skill set available, some who have been crafting quality boots the time-honored way for over 40 years. Fenoglio Boot Company builds the highest quality truly Texas made boots, living up to their company's motto: "There's Nothing Finer than Fenoglio."


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