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Rambler Key Lanyard


The Rambler Key Lanyard is intended to be worn on your belt, keeping bulky keys out of your front pocket. It can also be clipped to your travel bag or used as your everyday key carrier. Made from the same thick bridle leather as our Rambler Belts.


  • Sedgwick Bridle Leather
  • Machine sewn border stitch
  • Burnished edge
  • Durable snap closure

About The Leather:

Tannery - Sedgwick & Co. of Walsall, England (est. 1900)

Sedgwick has produced vegetable tanned leathers since its founding in 1900, and uses the highest quality hides from the UK and Ireland. The waxy grain is one of the most distinguishable characteristics of the leather. One of the biggest differentiators of Sedgwick leathers is the hand finishing that goes into each of the leathers. Its curriers are highly skilled and hand wax and color every piece of leather. Sedgwick's tanning and currier processes creates leathers that are highly durable, have superb tensile strength, have a high shine, and will last a lifetime

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