Wilkinson's Fine Goods

Custom Handmade Boot Jack

CHF 339.00

Wait Time: Order placed now will begin production in January 2024

Please understand the colors in the photos may not look exactly accurate to the actual product. These are handmade individually and there’s no way for us to replicate the color/ design to match exactly as they appear online however we will try our best.

Multiple Orders

These would make great wedding/corporate gifts. If you plan on ordering more than a few, please email us through the contact page here

About the Boot Jack

Boot jacks are a tool that help take your boots off with ease. We've taken it a step further by turning them into a functional piece of art. This is one of those special objects that you pass down through the family, just like your Grandfathers watch or old briefcase. It's something that holds value in your life for a time and when you're ready you let the next person have it, this is the foundation of Wilkinson's Fine Goods. Maybe they don't wear boots but, they can display it as a family heirloom.

About the Wood

Handmade from a single solid piece of wood by local Denton Texas artist Jim Burton. When we say handmade, we mean it. Jim only uses hand tools in his wood work. Truly a lost art. 

The u-shaped part of the bootjack has been made smooth as glass to keep from boot abrasion.

About the Leather

The western floral design is hand carved and stamped by Clint Wilkinson, a technique in western leather artistry called "hand tooling". You can personalize the bootjack with your last name, company logo, or cattle brand. We'll emboss it in the center of the leather piece. The leather is fixed to the wood with solid brass escutcheon pins.


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