Sheffield, Texas

Excerpt from Mike's website:

I have always been fascinated by these three things: ridin’, ropin’, and paintin’. I find many things similar in these three art forms. The challenges are always present in all three. Nobody rides every horse, nobody catches every cow, and nobody makes a masterpiece every time.  I am satisfied to concentrate on the art form of painting, drawing and sculpture at the present.  Sharpening the fundamentals of draftsmanship, composition, values of form, color studies of Chihuahuan light, paint quality, perspective, anatomy and proportions are something that will keep me busy through this lifetime. I love the problems of creating a picture that someone can relate to and feel connected to. This is a means of communications that has been around since the first cave wall artist.

Expressing oneself is always a challenge, but it can be hopeless if you don’t have anything to say. I do understand that it can be very challenging to recreate one of God’s beautiful creations and it is truly great to share this with someone. My life has been a combination of the people I have worked with and their connection to God’s Country. Not to mention his animals. The stories are endless and all are worthy of consideration for a painting or drawing. Accuracy and knowing your subject matter is important to be convincing and hold the viewers eye while it moves around the composition of the painting.

I would like for all of my paintings to be completely believable by the viewer, but have the look of knowing it would be impossible to get this shot from a camera. I appreciate the beauty of paint and all the fundamentals of the creative process. Human interest and humor are always a great ingredient.