A fifth-generation stockman, Scott Hardy became a full-time Western silversmith in 1981 and, 17 years later, became a TCAA founding member. Hardy finds inspiration in nature, art, fine craftsmanship, and the West itself. Using each of these to fuel his passion, Hardy celebrates the West through his artwork, hopefully inspiring craftspeople, artists, and collectors alike to see the importance and relevance of the North American cowboy culture. “Embellishing horse and rider with precious metal is a tradition as old as man on horseback,” Hardy said, “and deserves the respect of being done by hand one piece at a time."


The Traditional Cowboy Arts Association is made up of the worlds best western artists who specialize in silversmithing, rawhide braiding, saddle making, and bit/spur making. Each year they produce works for the annual TCAA Cowboy Crossings Show at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum